Snackbox Films

10262201_555299101253637_7462646151219657123_nWe are delighted to announce that Alex Fegan of Atom Films has partnered up with Garry Walsh and Colm Nicell to form a new production company called Snackbox Films. The mission of Snackbox is to seek out new and emerging talent within the film and television industry.

Snackbox Films will also look to distribute Irish film content to North America.

Already Snackbox Films has had its first pilot script for the TV series, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, optioned by a leading UK/Irish based production/distribution company.

Salt ‘n’ Vinegar stars Simon Delaney (The Delivery Man) and you can see a sneak preview scene from the series here.

Snackbox Films is also in production of a documentary, The Centenarian Bounty, which looks at 30 people in Ireland 100 years old or over. The Centenarian Bounty is directed by Alex Fegan (The Irish Pub)

Garry Walsh and Colm Nicell have each got over ten years in the film industry, Garry having managed one of Europe’s busiest cinema chains and Colm having worked as a producer and lighting/cameraman with the Al Jazeera Network.

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